You can now listen to PubTalkTV  anytime, anywhere. Make your lunch break educational! Listen while you fold laundry. Crank up one of our pep talks when your family asks you all the rude questions about publishing. We’re here to help!

We’ve just added our first Pep Talk in Your Pocket episode–18 writers, 12 minutes, one podcast designed to cheer you up when your family keeps asking why you haven’t uploaded to Amazon (and become a millionaire) yet. It’s especially for the holidays–but works any time of year.

You can listen to us directly from the iTunes store. Or (better for Android) you can stream from Sound Cloud



This just in–we’re a New and Noteworthy podcast!

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Meanwhile, we’re now taking questions, comments, stories, and interview suggestions over the phone, which will be recorded and inserted into the podcasts.  Email a voice memo to PubTalkTV@gmail.com.

Please note that our goal is to make everyone sound brilliant, and that will be reflected in the editing.

We look forward to hearing from you!