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Welcome to Pub Talk TV!

Pub Talk TV is a conference panel happy hour in your living room. Can’t drop everything and fly to a conference? Come to! Our free monthly broadcasts (and, now, podcasts) feature industry professionals answering YOUR questions in a fun, supportive setting.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

There are now three ways to contact us:

1) Call! We’ll use the mp3 file in the new podcast edition. You can do this anonymously–just say something like “I’m an author wondering” or “I’m a YA author” or whatever you prefer. Call 646-450-6526.

2) Email PubTalkTV at Gmail dot com and/or use the contact form here.

3) Tweet #AskPubTalkTV during our episodes for live feedback!

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Coming Soon–To An Internet Near You

Assuming all goes well, PubTalkTV will soon be in podcast form, available in the iTunes store/Podcast app, so you can learn about publishing (and listen to us drink) anywhere, anytime. All we have to do is convert the YouTube –> mp3 –> edit that –> compose music –> add music –> upload –> build an RSS feed –> make a logo –> submit to iTunes. What could go wrong??*

Meanwhile, we’d love to hear from you–literally. Our Google Voice account is live, and part of this new podcast will be calls from you. You can do this anonymously, or say something like “I’m a YA writer from Canada” or “I’m a new writer from the Midwest.” Up to you. Call and leave a message at 646-450-6526.

Don’t worry–you won’t be disturbing anyone. These calls go direct to an email inbox.

We’re expecting the podcast will become available sometime in November, 2015.



*Don’t answer that.